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Wizard Reborn – An Original Fantasy Adventure by Scott M. Huelsman

in News by • Jun 7, 2009

Experience Wizard Reborn, a beautiful and heroic role-playing novel, 100,000+ word literary novel and Flash-driven slideshow, all enhanced through original artwork and music (Flash plug-in required for music).

Enter the fantasy world of Mairiga, a continent crumbling under the weight of too many good intentions gone bad.

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Although the honorable country of Pirapa is being attacked by the Angel of Death and her army of benzars, the Inner Circle–the governing body of Mairiga–refuses to intervene as punishment for the unauthorized execution of one of its own.

A newly-reborn wizard named Redfern then boldly steps forward and bands together a party of heroes to retrieve the Shard of Lyfe from the Evilroot Forest and help save Pirapa from certain doom. However, Redfern himself harbors a dark secret, one that eventually brings the entire party to the brink of destruction!

Join Redfern and his allies as they attempt to restore the Sislan Utopia, save their homeland and way of life, and learn that even the most noble of convictions can do more harm than good without genuine honor, compassion and enlightenment.

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