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SOMA is one of those games where there is absolutely no fighting, not even hand-to-hand combat or the occasional molotov. SOMA is a combination of an adventure game with stealth elements. As an adventure it is an easy one without any frustrating puzzles to solve. Just the flick of a switch or the proper push of the button. The stealth part of the game also works in an excellent way even when you have to outrun your opponents.

The setting is a wonderful sci-fi flavor set in some distant future where mankind is in deep shit literally. And it is your obligation as one of the very few survivors to help preserve mankind because truly saving it is out of the question in the current circumstances.

The most striking characteristic of this game that surely classifies it as a game experience more than any other game is the fact that through this game you are going to actually experience what it means for someone to continue living on even after one’s physical death and all the possible implications. What is a human being anyway but his/her conscience and memories?

Enjoy (best enjoyed if played at night with low lighting).







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