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Half Life 2
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Half Life 2 is of course Valve’s first person shooter based on their Source Game Engine. Valve is the company which owns Steam for anyone who doesn’t know. So, they also do games although I am really not interested in their latest game Portal. But Half Life 2 is an FPS which really stands out.

You cannot praise this game for its interface, but who cares anyway. The gameplay, the world, the oppressive regime which hunts you down during the game and the alien invaders all make up a unique game experience. Valve says they have sold about 8 million copies and I think 8 million is a very small number of people to have experienced the adventure of Half Life 2. The rest of them do not know what they ‘re missing.

The game does have many horror features and especially Ravenholm, a dark abandoned town with only a pastor remaining to defend it from the hordes of zombies it totally unforgettable. Striders also make me think that I am playing some kind of clone of War Of The Worlds.

If you like FPS games this is a game you will definitely enjoy. Oh, you also get to ride stuff in the game. That’s fun.

Half-Life 2 takes a minimilist approach to story development, but delivers a rich, atmospheric, and engaging world that sucks you right in. Combined with novel gameplay elements (one of the first mainstream games to make proper use of physics in gameplay), an ensemble of likeable characters—topped off with the much loved Alyx Vance, and well paced combat, this helps to make Half-Life 2 an all-time classic. As reviewed by Ubiquitous on Steam

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