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The North Pole, 1981… The deathly silence of an icy kingdom. Meteorologist Alexander Nesterov is the last man to abandon the floating station Pole 21. He has received an urgent message from the mainland and must leave the vast Arctic on a comfortable ship which will pick him up at an appointed place at an appointed time. However, instead of a warm reception, the scientist encounters a real nightmare when he accidentally finds himself on board the atomic icebreaker, the North Wind, which for many years has been drifting in a land of eternal ice.

The North Wind is eerily silent and reeks of loneliness and oblivion. In the bowels of the dead ship, time has stopped and everything is at a standstill. Wandering through the huge labyrinth of the corridors and decks flooded with fear and despair, the main character will uncover the dramatic story of the captain and his crew. Fighting the feelings of lethargy which threaten to overcome him, he must remain strong and alert.

In the bowels of the dead ship, time has stopped and everything is at a standstill.

Cryostasis is an amazing game experience in a frozen hell. Most reviews iterate the fact that the game runs slowly at some points and this is because of the vast amounts of water and ice emulations. Now, can we get to the game itself? Alright. Cryostasis is an amazing game. It could be categorized in the first person shooter genre but adventuring elements are also important in this game. A feature called mental echo allows you to go back in time through the lives of dead crew members and help them correct the mistakes that lead them to their death and finally to the destruction of the whole ship. These puzzles allow you to progress the game but also help you to find out more about the history of the ship.

In this game your life meter is actually your temperature. Cold is everywhere and if your temperature drops you die. So it is necessary that you find heat sources which allow you to warm up and continue. There are also many areas in the ship where you can restore power and heating sources and that’s when the ice starts melting and the temperature rises. Then you can use any available heat siurces which range from fires, steam pipes, lamps, electrolytic solutions and more. There is also a range of weapons you can use including a water cannon. Aiming is a bit clumsy but this adds to the horror of the game trying to aim without crosshair at the menace that’s shooting at you.

In Cryostasis, weapons have the following peculiarities:
• There is no universal crosshair on the screen so, to shoot accurately, it is recommended that you click the right mouse button to enable aiming mode.
• To pick up a weapon from the ground, you must get close to it and crouch down (‘Alt’ by default). Then your character will stretch out his hand and you will be able to grab the weapon.

Note: Lately, I found out that, for some strange reason, neither steam nor gog include this game in their libraries any more to purchase. Wherever you find this game grab it immediately but please, do not resort to such websites. You will only do harm.




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