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The Quest for Gemstone Dragon
in RPG


The World of Gemstone Dragon is the classic swords and sorcery fantasy setting with a dark mystery twist. In the game you will be able to fight against many different types of enemies but also meet NPCs who will help you and guide you to achieve your quest.

Pride and apathy seeped into the ruling hearts of the Empire, like a slow venom, which poisoned man’s bond with Dragonkind, and eventually, sundered it entirely. The once-honored Dragoknight legion is scattered, scorned and abandoned by its people. The hearts of the Empire are torn between ancient magic and new technology. The roads and wilderness are no longer safe as the army which once policed it has dwindled or been replaced by little more than mercenaries of the crown.

In this time of weakness and uncertainty, an unknown evil gathers its forces. In this time of conflicting ideology, the old places of magical power grow tainted. While the crumbling sound of the Empire’s torpid fall goes unheeded by rulers consumed with their own egotism, all manner of foul creatures freely plunder its villages. In this new and desperate age, man’s most powerful allies slumber, and only one hope remains.

But who can awaken the Dragons?

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