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Drow’s Fury
in RPG

Control and brief instruction on how to play:

Press “NEW GAME” to start to play for the first time, then select the game difficulty (easy, medium, hard).

The game will automatically save at the end of each level.

At the end of each level you’ll find a new piece of the princess magic talisman. Each new piece give you new spells that you can set up and memorize by combining the different talisman layers.

Each enemy you kill leaves his soul for a while near to his corpse. Pass over it to recharge the mana pool of your magic talisman, which is used for casting spells.

Killed enemies may even drop items to pick up:

• Healing potions: heal some of your wounds restoring your life
• Magic potions: permanently increase a character attribute
• Armor: Protects from physical damage and modifies attributes and resistances
• Weapons: cause different amounts of damage (depending on the weapon class and quality) and modify attributes and resistances


Movement and combat:
• WASD to move
• Mouse to aim
• Left Mouse to attack (single and combo)
• Hold Left Mouse to charge heavy attack, then release the button to strike
• E to switch weapon
• R to pick up items

• SPACEBAR to cast spell
• T – Talisman of spells
• 12345 – quick-spells
• F – View quick-spells
• Q to cycle quick-spells

• C – Character sheet
• I – Inventory

• P – pause
• O – Controls
• ESC – Main Menu


Drow's Fury


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