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Mirror’s Edge
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Mirror’s Edge is a classic parkour game in a huge city. You take on the role of Faith where as a runner you carry messages across the whole city under the nose of the authorities. Your primary pathways are not on the streets but high up at the roofs of the buildings. Everything is fine until authorities start shooting at you and they shoot to kill. That and your sister is somehow framed in a murder. So you will have to use your parkour skills while going across the city trying to solve this case.

This is generally a short game. I finished it in about 10 hours and at first I had the feeling that it is more of a tech demo than a finished game. The graphics are generally nice but they could have more detail. Trees for example seem that they lack texture and could be anything else than white. Also those bright greens, and oranges and reds could be something else. But anyway in the end the gameplay with its action and even some gunplay (I LOVE gunplay in any game) is overall rewarding.

Despite the graphics which may look basic because they were intended to be so (maybe too artistic or abstract) there is a great deal of immersion. Desolate alleyways, locked doors at the top of buildings blocking your way, the bustling city below and at the same time hunted by the authorities who shoot to kill. It was really a fine game in the end. Looking forward to its sequel by Origin.







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