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Alien Isolation
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If you played and liked Outlast then you ‘re going to love Alien:Isolation. If you have not played any other Alien games, no worries. I hadn’t played any other Alien games but I definitely enjoyed playing this one. As I mentioned this game has a very similar playing style to Outlast in the fact that you must hide quite a lot to avoid the Alien or other evil things on the Sevastopol Space Station.

So, you are the daughter of the original protagonist seeking information about the death of your mother. And you have to deal with the same threat as your mother did. Hmm. I don’t know if this scenario is great but anyway, apart from that the whole story and gameplay is totally rewarding and fun. I even got scared a couple of times. Let alone the fact that I played the game in hard mode (because I ‘m a professional gamer) and finished the game and in the process I even earned the achievement of 100 deaths by the Alien. Yeahhhh! It was fun though.

So, unlike Outlast the setting is in space and the graphics require DirectX 11 support in hardware. (That was a reason to finally upgrade my graphics card. Not to brag but I got an NVIDIA GTX 970 4GB. I hope it lasts for the next 3 to 4 years). The space setting makes the game scarier since there is no easy escape from a space station. Apart from the Alien you also have to deal with creepy androids which go about their business as usual most of the time, oblivious to the Alien presense. Really scary. And the other type of enemy is people who are trying to survive for themesleves and can get hostile. Most of the time you can avoid enemies using stealth but there are also some ways to attack them but the game generally is not about fighting. In order to fight or distract enemies you have the option of constructing items based on blueprints and materials you find throughout the station.









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