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Remember Me
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After finishing Enslaved: Odyssey to the West I felt I could do with a little more jumping and hunging from dizzying heights. And I found the proper game for the job.

In Remember Me you take on the role of Nilin who used to be one of the best memory hunters but now for some reason she finds herself in La Bastille prison with the majority of her memories wiped clean. In the game, Nilin, follows the guidance of Edge towards the goal of the Errorists to restore the stolen memories back to the people and to herself as well.

The game takes place in a reconstructed, maybe post-apocalyptic and technologically advanced Neo-Paris which was previously devastated from a European War. Reconstruction is not completely done yet so no need to worry. There are still plenty of slums and abandoned industrial locations to go through and kick the butt of evil Leapers that will jump at you.

Remember Me has beautiful graphics, a nice story and combat revolves around combos of punches and kicks plus jumping over the heads of your enemies (cool). When you do a combo you have the ability to tell if the next hit will heal you, cause more damage, double the previous effect or reduce the cooldown time of your special abilities. I must admit that at first it takes a little getting used to to get the combos right but it is totally playable and doable. I did get frustrated at 2 situations where I had to play through about 10 to 15 times to win the combat but other than that I had a most adventurous experience with this game.

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