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I heard about Outlast a while back, saw some screenshots but I could not understand what kind of game it was. So, I finally decided to give it a try and I must say I was not at all disappointed.

Outlast is quite unique in that it is a game where you can only run, hide or die. Oh, yeah. This sounds so cool and I am sure you have never played such a game before. It is also the first first person game I play where I can actually see my legs. I ‘m sure that all of you FPS lovers out there you know exactly what I ‘m talking about. It is also a game where you become extremely happy once you get by some batteries 😉

In this game you play as a journalist who has some information into the goings on of an Asylum. You equip yourself with a night vision camera and you naturally visit the place to record as much evidence as possible about all that is wrong in that place. And trust me. A lot of stuff are wrong, not to say sick, in this place. Arm yourself with plenty of courage because what you will see in the Asylum cannot be unseen. The horrors are plenty in this place from its basement all the way to the upper floors and your night vision camera is the only way you can navigate the darkness and maybe survive.

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