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Gilfor's Tales

New Flash MMO RPG Game: Gilfors Tales

in RPG by • Jul 18, 2010 No comments yet

Gilfor’s Tales is a tactical isometric MMO RPG set in […]

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The quest for gemstone dragon

Gemstone Dragon Full version launched!

in News by • Apr 9, 2010 No comments yet

The Gemstone Dragon game has been released. If you have […]

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King's island 2

King’s Island II

in RPG by • Jan 24, 2010 No comments yet

This is the second version of the higly succssful King’s […]

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Fantasy Kommander

Fantasy Kommander Miniature War Game

in RPG by • Dec 20, 2009 No comments yet

Fantasy Kommander is a Flash Game which has the look […]

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Dragon Age Journeys

Bioware Dragon Age: Journeys

in RPG by • Nov 15, 2009 No comments yet

Dragon Age: Journeys is a Flash version of the official […]

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Troll's Rage

Troll’s Rage Platform RPG

in RPG by • Oct 18, 2009 No comments yet

A new scrolling platform RPG has been added to our collection. Check it out!

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